Winns Water Saver

Bring dead water back to life

Dead water is cold water in the hot water line. The loss of potable water from hot taps in domestic housing is a major environmental concern.

Every time you turn the hot water tap on, the cold 'dead' water goes down the drain while you wait for the hot water.

The solution? Install a Winns Water Saver. It is simple, easy to install, fully automatic, and it works on any hot water tap.

See how it works, watch our video demonstration, or contact us directly for more information.

Winns Water Saver

What does it do?

Winns Water Saver allows cold water in the hot water pipe to be reused rather than wasted by redirecting the cold (dead) water to a storage tank until the hot water reaches the tap.

The water in the tank is then used to operate all toilets in the house or to water the garden.

Contact us to find out more about how you can reduce your water consumption with a Winns Water Saver.

Save water and money

Did you know that an estimated 60 litres of water per person per day is wasted while waiting for dead water to heat up?

An average household of four people has the potential to save tens of thousands of litres of water annually.

Installing a Winns Water Saver could reduce your household water consumption by up to 20%, depending on the length of the pipe from the hot water heater to the tap and the length of use of the tap. And the running cost is just $2 per year.

Winns Water Saver

Works on any hot water tap

Winns Water Saver products work with all standard two-tap and Flickmixer (single-lever tap) applications.

It is particularly effective with Flickmixers. Simply set the lever at your preferred position and when the water comes out it will be at the required temperature.

The benefits are particularly evident in the shower. How much water do you waste in the shower while adjusting the temperature after the hot water has arrived?

You can dramatically reduce your water consumption by installing a Winns Water Saver. Contact us for more information.

Benefits for consumers and government

Governments and consumers can save water, energy and money by adopting Winns Water Saver.

Benefits to consumers include:

  • Savings in water costs
  • Savings in energy costs

Benefits to government include:

  • Savings in water usage
  • Savings in sewage treatment costs
  • Savings in the maintenance costs of sewage treatment plants

And of course, the biggest saving of all is saving the environment by conserving our most precious resource—water.

Winns Water Saver

Smart Approved Watermark

Smart Approved WatermarkWinns Water Saver has been accredited with the Smart Approved Watermark scheme, Australia's outdoor water saving labelling program for products and services that help to reduce water use around the home.